OverwatchDigital Drone Photography

Professional Digital Drone and Still Photography

Overwatch provides Services locally from our headquarters in Suffolk county, New York. We use the latest enterprise level drone equipment. We provide photography of buildings and construction project tracking. We supply high quality, high resolution images and video of hard to get at locations for your particular needs without a man leaving the ground. If you need high resolution images to satisfy specification needs, marketing properties and construction progress contact us.


  • 4K HDR Video
  • Loss less zoom
  • Adobe DNG/RAW
  • High quality wide angle
  • 21 MP CMOS
  • Extended Flight time

Qualifications and services

  • Quality Image
  • Statewide Availability
  • FAA Certified (Part 107)
  • OSHA 10 Hour Cardholder
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Video & Still Images



Site walk thru photo

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Residential and Commercial