About us


We produce outstanding photographs in the most challenging environments.

We are a full service Aerial Photography, still photography and Videography Company available for hire throughout New York. We follow stringent safety guidelines. Our combined expertise makes for seamless customer relationships.

OVERWATCH specializes in:

Industrial Photography, Architectural Photography, Construction Photography, Progress Reports, and Real estate Environments.

We are OSHA safety trained, and we are certified as DVOSB (Disable veteran owed Small Business) by New York State agencies. Our commitment is to deliver cost effective solutions to other businesses while meeting deadlines and locations.


Performed at regular intervals to document the progress of exterior and interior construction, from beginning to end.

  • Update the visual record with regular interior and exterior progress updates, taken approximately once a month throughout construction, from broad and encompassing angles.
  • Event-driven shoots used to create a complete photographic record of your construction site at critical milestones.
  • Capture the current conditions of your site, adjoining properties, or construction progress in between contractors existing-conditions services.
  • systems during the critical period between inspection and cover-up.
  • Flip through several progression shots with the click of a button for a detailed account of construction progress.

REAL ESTATE: We can improve the visibility of your business location, help sell your client's property with vivid photos and seductive aerial video, and capture beautiful still images and video services that will get attention from the clients and customers you are after. Combined with our aerial photographs our affordable aerial videos can increase your company’s exposure as well.

Aerial photographs not only exemplify the full scope of a property but also showcase the fine details that it has to offer and help sell the property by offering a unique overall perspective as opposed to the narrow visual perspective one gets from images of the back yard or driveway. And photographs do add a great deal of value toward sales and marketing.